Unable to import data ?

Sometimes you need to temporary disable concurrency (ie during data imports)

Temporary disable per Model

from concurrency.api import disable_concurrency

with disable_concurrency(instance):

Add version management to new models

from concurrency.fields import IntegerVersionField

class ConcurrentModel( models.Model ):
    version = IntegerVersionField( )

a = ConcurrentModel.objects.get(pk=1)
b = ConcurrentModel.objects.get(pk=1) # this will raise ``RecordModifiedError``

Add version management to Django and/or plugged in applications models

Concurrency can work even with existing models, anyway if you are adding concurrency management to an existing database remember to edit the database’s tables:

from django.contrib.auth import User
from concurrency.api import apply_concurrency_check

apply_concurrency_check(User, 'version', IntegerVersionField)

If used with Django>=1.7 remember to create a custom migration.

Test Utilities

ConcurrencyTestMixin offer a very simple test function for your existing models

from concurrency.utils import ConcurrencyTestMixin
from myproject.models import MyModel

class MyModelTest(ConcurrencyTestMixin, TestCase):
    concurrency_model = TestModel0
    concurrency_kwargs = {'username': 'test'}

Recover deleted record with django-reversion

Recovering delete record with diango-reversion produce a RecordModifeidError. As both pk and version are present in the object, django-concurrency try to load the record (that does not exists) and this raises RecordModifedError. To avoid this simply:

class ConcurrencyVersionAdmin(reversionlib.VersionAdmin):
    def render_revision_form(self, request, obj, version, context, revert=False, recover=False):
        with disable_concurrency(obj):
            return super(ConcurrencyVersionAdmin, self).render_revision_form(request, obj, version, context, revert, recover)

or for (depending on django-reversion version)

class ConcurrencyVersionAdmin(reversionlib.VersionAdmin):

   def recover_view(self, request, version_id, extra_context=None):
        return super(ReversionConcurrentModelAdmin, self).recover_view(request,